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Alexander II and the Emancipation of Russian serfs

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The Czar Liberator!


Alexander II lived from 1818-1881 and was a Tzar of Russia, belonging to the Romanov Dynasty. He became Tzar in 1855. Alexander was not a “stick in the mud” and was influenced by some of the ideas of the time. Alexander II was famous for abolishing serfdom in Russia and gained the nickname, “the czar liberator”. He liberated the serfs and then spread the land equally among them. He issued an Emancipation Manifesto that would free all the serfs. Serfs were allowed to have the rights of citizens and allowed to buy land from the landlords. This was not a smooth process, and some peasants ended up free, but without any land to own. He was also famous for introducing local self-government to areas in Russia, based on that of the French. He also defeated the Ottoman Empire. He was assassinated by revolutionaries who thought he was “too conservative” in his thinking.


^Alexander II



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