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Achievements of the House of Yuan

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Yuan Dynasty.bmp << click here to see a picture of a Yuan emperor.

Khublai Khan established the Yuan dynasty in 1271. With a mix of mongol tolerance and foreign cultural influences, China flourished under his rule. However, the empire weakened after his death and by the 1350's was not able to control all of China.


The two major achevements of the House of Yuan, or the Yuan Dynasty, were the development of drama and the novel. In this period, theaters were being brought up and drama began. These dramas were seim-operatic, had exciting plots, elaborate costumes, music, and dance, all of this, over time became known as Chinese Opera. The Yuan Dynasty also increased the use of written veracular, the written language of the Chinese.

im working on finding more about the development of the novel, if any one has any thing to help me,(a good web site or something) let me know please, that would be great! --hannah

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