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Abolition of Japanese feudalism

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 Abolition of Japanese Feudalism


Around 1871, the new government in power decided to move away from the feudal system or Han system and start a new system based on status in relation to a person's location. The new Meiji government went throughout the land and replaced feudal domains with small local governments that ruled and controlled the selected area. This type of local ruling government is still in use today; however, the boundaries are not necessarily in the same distinct locations due to the changing of land, population, and area. This new system techniquely ended Shogunate and domain systems yet it didn't completely take it away.

 At the beginning of this new system there were 300 specific prefictures (selected areas)

 At the end of 1871, the number dropped to 72, and by 1888 there were 47 pefictures. This number is the same amount of defined areas that there are today.






Japanese feudalism scale is OVER!


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